FULL WAVE PWC LED Navigation Light Kit

FULL WAVE PWC LED Navigation Light Kit

Ever been caught out on the water on an overcast and rainy day that started off sunny? Ever had a day that was so much fun, you got back to the ramp and it was dark? Did you know it is illegal to ride a PWC without any lights in overcast conditions in Australia? Problem solved... Install our DIY - Full Wave LED Navigation Light Kit. Discrete Port and Starboard LED lights on either side at the front of the PWC and an LED Stern Light at the back with a waterproof switch which has been tested in salt water for 2 years now... Get Legal and Be Safe when the conditions get cloudy - save yourself a ticket from the boys in blue and have a safer PWC overall and get this kit now.

Pot and Starboard PWC Navigation Lights installed

Rear Adjustable LED PWC Stern Light

Submersible Rotary Navigation Light Switch

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