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Jet Ski Brake Light Warranty
At Full Wave Marine, we offer innovative products which will make your recreational sporting life more enjoyable, safe and most importantly EASY.


Currently, we distribute kits to be installed as an aftermarket accessory by the end user, or a Dealership. Your kit was designed to be used in an extremely harsh environment, so no expense was spared when it came to quality. If the instructions are followed, the product will outlast the life of the watercraft.

Some aspects of the installation are essential to long life of the product and beyond our control. We ask that you follow the instructions closely to avoid any problems. Every part was tested to ensure quality prior to shipment.

We realise that problems can and do happen, so we will replace ANY part in the kit found to be defective for a period of ONE YEAR from purchase. No hassles, just email us at: We do require that you mail the part to us. Please include your reason for return, contact info, and copy of your receipt. We will promptly ship you a replacement.

If you had one of our Authorized Dealers install the kit for you, please contact your Dealer. The Dealer will repair any problem for a period of ONE YEAR from purchase, free of charge.

We care deeply about your light protecting you. If you encounter a problem out of the warranty period, we urge you to contact us. We will do everything necessary to ensure you're happy.

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